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To glorify God for the treasures and beauty created by Him and in us.


To bless our customers with biblically inspired and prayerfully made one-of-a-kind custom jewelry, to remind you of the gem you are.


Our inspired artist, Sherri Barstis, was a Nurse Administrator for over 20 years but found herself in a new world after a severe car accident required her to medically retire.  Trusting God in His plans for her, she discovered a creative outlet in making jewelry.

During this journey Sherri discovered her love for the beautiful gemstones mentioned in the Book of Revelations in the Bible, used for the foundation stones in the wall surrounding New Jerusalem; as well as, in the Breastplate worn by the High Priest of Israel representing the 12 tribes.

Bijou Designs, Sherri's passion, was born as Bijou means "something elegant and highly prized."  Sherri knows we are all "wonderfully made" created by our Creator like these beautiful gemstones as "one-of-a-kind and highly prized!"  Her pieces of jewelry are prayed over to bless you, created out of her love of Christ and to empower others to unearth their inner beauty no matter what changes or challenges life takes.  

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